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 9-17-11   Purchased 2012 Ford Escape from Keith Hawthorne in Charlotte, NC

*10-17-11   Took to Bill Smith Ford for problems with Sync system/ conversations                                     Cannot be understood on the receivers end, problem get worse with speed                               Update was performed, was told it worked with  technicians phone (Droid)  – Did not fix problem 

10-24-11             Took back to bill Smith Ford for same problem and enclosed a jump drive With recorded conversation for technician to listen to. Technician called in sick.  

*10-25-11           Picked up car   

11-3-11               Tony from Bill Smith called Ford to check for other resolutions and was told by Ford that they wouldn’t have any solutions until the updates can out sometime in January 2012.  

11-4-11               Took to Bill Smith Ford for service – record was VOIDED  

*11-10-11           Took car back to Bill Smith Ford – replaced module and wiring harness – Did not fix problem so the original parts we put back into car. Did not fix problem  

11-14-11              Called Ford customer service 800.392.3673 spoke to Leroy. I mentioned the NC Lemon Law and he asked me if I was interested in the Buy Back Program. I said I didn’t know what it was but that I would be interested in learning about it. He said someone would call me within two days. Case #0467783181              

11-17-11              SaraKate Inmon 866.631.3788 ext. 77791 called me on my way driving back from Raleigh in the Escape; she had difficulty understanding the conversation through the Sync system.  She told me to take in for service again.  

*11-18-11           Took car back to Bill Smith Ford left my cell phone and got a rental car. Tony said  technician was on the phone with Ford for 4 hours. Tested my phone on my car and another car on the lot and had the same problem. – Did not fix problem  

11-20-11              Paired my phone with brother-in-law’s 2011 Ford F250 Sync system –worked great                 

11-28-11              Called Sara for follow up – left message  

11-29-11              Sara called to say it was a phone issue and e-mailed me a copy of tested phones.                               Sara offered for me to purchase a phone from the list.  All phones on the list are obsolete and can no longer be purchased.  I borrowed a   Motorola Razor flip phone from an employee and tested it with my car. Same problems.         I emailed Sara the audio file. (see e-mails from Sara dated 12-2, 12-5 and 12-6-11)  

11-30-11              Picked up “Oasis” report from Bill Smith Ford. Sent Sara e-mail. Left Sara voice mail.  

12-1-11                Went to Enterprise Car Rental to pick up receipt from service date 11-18-11.                               Called Tony BSF said his records showed service dates 10-17, 10-25, 11-10 and 11-18-11.                               I requested testing the “majic phone” that worked from the service technician. Tony said he would check with Bruce the service manager. Called sara at 1:45 PM left message. Sara called back at 2:45.

12-6-11                Mailed second lemon law letter to Ford per warranty certified mail.   12-7-11                Sara and “engineer” called. First said it was a problem with the service provider (Verizon) and wanted to relocated the microphone per TSB. Sara called it a “perfect storm”. The “engineer” said that Bluetooth compatibility did not mean good quality.  

12-13-11              Picked up papers at BSF. Received e-mail from BBB. Called Sara.  

12-20-11              Received e-mail from BBB with Ford’s “offer”. To have “an Field Service Engineer (FSE) inspection/repair” see e-mail  

*12-29-11           Took car to Keith Hawthorne (dealer where purchased) Technician drove car and verified the problem (worse at higher speeds). Recommended replacing the rearview                               Mirror/microphone but did not have one in stock. 

*1-20-12              Took car to Lumberton Ford to meet with a Field Service Engineer (FSE) that took over 3 weeks for Ford to schedule. FSE name; John Sapilaek; I arrived at 9:30 A.M.; I questioned where the FSE got his engineering degree from and he said he didn’t have a degree. I told him that I would be staying with my car 100% of the time. No one said it would be a problem; explained the problem again. The FSE never asked what phone I had, the name of the service provider, did not drive my car and never listened to a phone call. I rode in the vehicle into the service area where once again the first thing John did was to hook up a laptop and check for updates.  John then decided that it could be a loose wire connection and that he wanted the technician to tear into the center counsel (during the updates and currently I am sitting in the back seat) they said they needed more room so I moved my laptop and belonging to the hatch and proceed to try to work from there. Said the technician might be nervous and make a mistake. The technician removed one part and then at 10:35 they asked for me to leave; I refused I said I was told I had to be there and so did my phone and that I needed to speak to someone else. I also spoke to Dan Floyd John would not get the person on the phone that had made the arrangements. At 10:40 they stopped working on the car, technician smoked in the shop. No one was around the vehicle for another 35 minutes. I was told I could wait in the waiting room that it would take several hours to look for the loose connection. I said this was unacceptable and that I would be leaving to return to work. As I was leaving in the car Charise Weaks Tennille called; I told her I would call her back. She called the office and spoke to Mike Dixon. I called her back while driving back and left her a message.   Called NC Department of Justice. Spoke to Jessica and filed complaint on line.  

1-25-12                Received copy of letter sent to Ford from NC DOJ  

2-4-12                  Received copy of Ford’s response to DOJ. Apparently I now have a transmission” problem. 

2-7-12                  Call Jessica at DOJ recording said she was out of office until 2-8-12  

2-9-12                  Called Jessica at DOJ said no one with DOJ’s office would attend the mediation as an observer. I could file a complaint about car companies   *dates that I have work order for service repairs

2-24-12               Went to BBB Autoline arbitration in Raleigh, NC decision was to be rendered in 3 business days. The arbitrator requested additional information from Ford as to why my service visit to Bill Smith Ford was voided on 11-4-11. Ford was to check with the dealer, get back to the arbitrator and I would have a chance to respond.Three days came and went with no decision.

2-28-12               Received an e-mail from Santiago at the BBB Auto line with a copy of updated cell phones that Ford has tested; my phone was on the list. I was required to respond via fax.

2-29-12             I replied via fax stating that I received the phone list update. This information was not in question during the arbitration; only the visit on 11-4-11.

3-2-12               I received a phone call from Santiago Gonzalez with the BBB Autoline stating the arbitrator was requesting for me to allow a "technical expert" to look at my vehicle.  The BBB Autoline hand book on page 13 "at the request of the arbitrator or by agreement of both parties, we will make every effort to obtain an impartial technical expert to inspect the vehicle involved in the dispute. In some cases, to the extent of the law, we will automatically appoint an impartial technical expert to examine your vehicle PRIOR to the arbitration." So why was this requested 7 days AFTER the arbitration hearing??? When I asked Santiago what the qualifications of the "technical expert" were and all he could tell me was that he/she would be an ASE certified mechanic. To me that did not qualify as an "expert" on the Sync system and I rejected the offer.

3-6-12               I called the BBB Autoline for a status update. No new information.

3-8-12               I called BBB Autoline, William Clopton, (original case worker) for a status update.  Left message.

3-8-12               I received the arbitrator's decision via e-mail from Santiago at 12:11 PM.

DECISION: REPURCHASE DENIED. The arbitrator agreed that I met all requirements of a repurchase.

. "the arbitrator finds by greater weight of the evidence that there is uncertainty regarding whether the alleged defect is, in deed, a manufacturing nonconformity."

Please read the decision in it's entirety.